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The Political, Economic, and Social Aspects of Katrina - The Citadel

District elections are held in about 40 percent of US cities, and political science experts will tell you that electing by district increases the chances that minority candidates can get elected, which is a good thing. Voters already pay little attention to municipal elections, and dividing them into even smaller zones increases the possibility that voters won’t take the time to learn who they’re voting for.

Kyle and Jackie O Why our outrage is all part of their plan

The poems in this book hover at the horizon of language, that place where what is said can only point beyond to that which is crucial yet one barely has any words for. It’s a poem that, like Fred himself, has its roots in Rhode Island.

Five reasons not to raise early venture capital London Business.

A Scientologist on the ballot OC candidate keeping mum about his.

The last couple of weeks in August are typiy a rough road for movie fans as the studios use the time to dump the cinematic dregs that they fured were too weak to survive during either the summer box-office derby or the equally competitive fall awards season during a period when they mht conceivably make a few bucks off of audiences willing to sit through anything new at the multiplex.

The Ocean State Review -

Today’s entrepreneurs, whether starting up inside b companies or in their garages, often assume the first thing they must do is to raise venture capital.

Peter nguyen stupid capitalism essay picture:

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