Writing your own book

How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Own How-To Book – John T.

You are your own boss, work at home, wear comfortable clothes, take midday naps if you wish, set your own hours, attend no meetings, and get paid for your knowledge. Money arrives in your bank account while you work, eat, sleep, work out, travel, whatever.

Create, Publish, Market – Advantage Media

Write your story and take breaks to put things into perspective.

Create, Publish, Market – Advantage Media

Create My Books Create, print and publish your own books

But as I look back on what it took to actually become an author, I realize how different the process was from my expectations.

Write your own story book” at Usborne Children's Books

Writing and self-publishing a book sounds like a pretty daunting task, rht?

Writing your own book:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates

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