Writing papers in vim

Vim - How do I delete a word when the cursor is in the middle of

One of my favorite functions I have added to my .vimrc file recently is Word Processor Mode inspired by Seth Brown.

Cal writing with LaTeX, Vim, and Git

So, the perhaps the first component of this system is, what operating system? I personally find editing in vim nicer on Ubuntu, and there is one or two arguably minor things that linux has that Windows does not (XMonad, for example), but I will elaborate on these later.

GitHub - reedes/<i>vim</i>-pencil Rethinking <i>Vim</i> as a tool for <i>writing</i>

An efficient and effective research environment - Biarri

A thorough explanation of the full capabilities of Latex-Suite is described in the user manual.

GitHub - reedes/vim-pencil Rethinking Vim as a tool for writing

La Te X is the de facto standard tool for writing academic papers.

Writing papers in vim:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates

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