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Charting the trans-Atlantic movement of ‘dynamic’ psychiatry from The Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic, Baltimore, to Gartnavel Mental Hospital, Glasgow, this thesis throws lht upon the resultant ‘dynamic’ case note records, produced in Gartnavel during the 1920s.

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By undertaking an in-depth, qualitative analysis of Gartnavel’s case note records and corresponding archival materials, I explore the polemical question, posed, amongst others, by Foucault, of how psychiatry achieves its distinct status as a science of the individual.

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Her full thesis title and abstract are as follows: Unearthing the ‘clinical encounter’: Gartnavel Mental Hospital, 1921-1932.

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Part Two: Spermatorrhoea, the lesser known version of male hysteria Part Three: Culture and psychiatry: an outline for a neglected history History of Psychiatry timeline A video produced by Dr Chris Pell, for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, April 2009. Dibden was Director of Mental Health Services in South Australia, 1967-78 and established the South Australian Association of Mental Health. (1990) The psychiatric sequelae of a natural disaster : the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires.

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