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– Ernest Hemingway (Death in the Afternoon, 1932) Ben Franklin, one of the world’s wisest writers and the thinker upon whose advice ETR is based, began his adult life with a very ambitious goal. Most of the people I know don’t even think in these terms.

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Benjamin Franklin excelled in the various tasks he had acquired throughout his years.

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He had become an author, an inventor, and a scientist.

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They wonder what these parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodies, what it's like inside the family, and whether they could do it too. Here are some things my daughters, Sophia and Louisa, were never allowed to do: • attend a sleepover • have a playdate • be in a school play • complain about not being in a school play • watch TV or play computer games • choose their own extracurricular activities • get any grade less th...

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