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In what seems to be his major work, The New View Over Atlantis (1988), a revised edition of a book first published in 1969, he discusses the world-wide system of "vast astronomical instruments, circles of erect pillars, pyramids, underground tunnels, cyclopean stone platforms, all linked together by a network of tracks and alnments" that he believes the researches of various adepts and visionaries have brought to lht (page 83).

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, Bob Grumman’s full-length exposition of his theories and taxonomies of the far reaches of what we like to haiku. On the Web page for the book, Grumman warns: “there are many typos and other errors in the book, beginning on page 2 where I misattributed two of the four haiku I was discussing.” Elsewhere, on page 29, he literally scratches out a long passage of text and writes in by hand, “How’s this for tacky? 83,” where the same haiku is discussed, mostly with identical wording.

Unlikely Haven for Humanities Publishing - Inside Hher Ed

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They start with action–the narrator snowboarding with the Aspen Ski Patrol, for example, then deepen the scene with descriptions–the dry powder, the steep bowls, the late January sky.

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Date: Wednesday, -0500 Subject: 17.0199 Chettle, Greene, Shake-scene Comment: Re: SHK 17.0199 Chettle, Greene, Shake-scene On the issue of Greene and GGW: does Professor Downs have an opinion about the image of Greene himself in this work?

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